MyHome is fit for everyone

For retailor / agent

Create your own business page, show real estates from your offer, share contact.
All this and much more in a beautiful modern design and able to run in a few hours.

For real estate agencies

Manage your site, company information, agents and their offerings.
Handle queries, add and remove agents. Accept offers by site.

For portals / marketplaces

Allow users to add offers and pay for publishing, manage payments and packages.
Run a professional portal without expensive and time-consuming development work.

MyHome cover almost all functions required by real estate website

If you don't find something - write to us. We will try to add this in future

Key advantages

Our unique features

Features Standard solutions MyHome
Dynamic filters in the search engine

Search engine filters are permanent, regardless of what you choose, eg by changing the type of property from the apartment to the office, you can see the number of bedrooms in the search engine which makes no sense.

Search engine filters are dynamic. Thanks to our original filter system, the search parameters depend on the type of property or other parameters you choose

Search without reloading a page

Every time you type a phrase into the search engine, the page changes to a new one. It takes a lot of time, looks bad and is uncomfortable

Results are shown immediately after the first parameter has been entered without any page refresh. We only download results so the system is extremely fast

Lazzy load search results

Once you have reached the end of the results on the site you have to go to the next page

Results are automatically loaded when you slide down the page

Adaptive images

Images have a fixed size

Pictures match the current screen resolution. This speeds up page loading and reduces transfer consumption

Full visual composer estate page

The property page is static. You can only fill in the content of the field designed by the author of the theme

You can insert any visual composer element into the real estate content

  Modern frontend framework

The service does not use modern frameworks like react.js, vue.js, angular or other

MyHome uses the fastest growing javascript framework - vue.js.

Beautiful slugs

You have no influence on how the urls look like with the list of results

You can create any url like /houses, /apartments, /rental, etc

General features

MyHome covers more than 100 dedicated features for real estates sites

Easy to install

The whole system is installed with a few clicks - you just upload the theme and everything works out of the box

1 click demo import

With one click you can import our demo into your website. Just modify the content and you have a working page

Easy to customize

You do not need the programming skills to easily add elements, modify appearance and content of the page.


The site is WPML compatible. You can use multiple languages throughout the website. You can translate any item visible on the page


We have translated all parts of the site into Italian, Hindi, French, English, German and Spanish. All the time we add more languages.


You can use multiple currencies. You can set the display method - the currency sign and its position. You can enter more than one currency for real estate

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Mobile support

All components of the site are designed to be easily operated by mobile devices (Mobile first)


MyHome uses a grid that dynamically adjusts to screen resolution. This makes the page look good on every device

Retina ready

The images on the page are in high resolution, so they display properly on screens > 4K

Multiple porperty views

You can choose how you want to display the property page. You can customize the standard view by adding any Visual Composer elements

Multiple listing views

MyHome provides 4 property listings views. You can customize the position of the search engine and the field shown on the screen

Page templates

MyHome includes additional customizable views such as "about us", "contact", and more.


MyHome has a built-in payment module for publishing the offer. Starting a real estate marketplace has never been so easy

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Users can pay for the publication of the offer using a paypal account

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Thanks to the integration with Stripe, the customer can also pay directly by credit card

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Agents managment

You can add, edit and delete agent accounts. Agents can manage the properties they added or the administrator assigned them

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Custom fields

MyHome allows you to add any parameters and values to your property and place them in the search engine

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Plugins included

With MyHome you get the following plugins for free: Visual Composer ($ 34), Revolution Slider ($ 25), ACF PRO ($ 25) and Ultimate Visual Composer Addons ($ 20)

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Design, Quality and Functionality

4.92/5 from 62 reviews

Property features

The property pages are 100% built with visual composer components and managed with a drag and drop interface

Property fields

You can add any number of parameters and values to your property


Add any number of features that will be displayed as a list on the property page


Enter the address of the property and the system will mark it on the map itself


Add photos to the property and create an amazing presentation with lightbox

Floor plans

You can add floor plans to each property. This allows the user to better imagine what the property looks like


Place a link to any video material and the system will insert it into the property page

Virtual Tour

MyHome allows you to insert a virtual tour iframe code. Let users know the property themselves

Agent details

The property page will show contact information for the agent who manages the offer.